Brett Dickey, PhD

By January 22, 2019

Co-Founder & CTO of Covina Biomedical Inc.


Brett is a co-founder and CTO of Covina Biomedical Inc., an orthopaedic device start-up developing new biomaterials for use in minimally invasive treatments to enhance surgeon efficiency and maximize patient outcomes. Brett earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering (2010) and subsequently his Doctorate in Biomedical Engineering (2016) from Dalhousie University. His PhD research investigated adaptations to the chemistry of glass-based cements with a goal to expand their use beyond their traditional dental market and into the $1B orthopaedic bone cement market. It was this research that became the foundation for Covina’s technology platform to stabilize both bone fractures and orthopaedic implants. Brett has made 18 contributions to the scientific literature, is co-inventor on three granted patents, and was a finalist in the Emerging Professional category at the 2016 Discovery Awards. After winning the 2015 BioInnovation Challenge, Covina has gone on to be selected for the prestigious Canadian Technology Accelerator program in Boston, has won several awards in pitch competitions throughout Massachusetts, and has raised over $1.6m in equity and non-dilutive funding.