Dr. Beth Mason

By January 23, 2019

CEO, Verschuren Centre for Sustainability in Energy & the Environment Cape Breton University


Dr. Mason came to the Verschuren Centre, Cape Breton, four years ago, to build the bio-products research program, after working with Saputo Dairy Products Canada for 11 years prior, as well as running her own by-products logistics business. Her background brings a mix of industry, research, government, and business approaches to problem solving in the Agri-food and marine industries, specifically by-product value extraction and production of functional ingredients for feed, plant, and food. The program activities range from bench through pilot bio-transformations of products as diverse as fish, shellfish, and poultry by-products, and aims to assist companies with product development, process optimization and commercialization in the marine, aquaculture, and agriculture sectors. As CEO of the VC for the last year, Dr. Mason and team have expanded the VC engagement in renewable energy, specifically thermal energy conversion, recovery, and storage. The VC is unique in its capacity to bring together large industry and community partners toward development and demonstrations of innovative clean tech solutions for renewable energy storage, carbon sequestration, bio-transformations, and aquaculture.