Dr. Bob Chapman

By January 23, 2019

Chief Operating Officer, DoseCann Inc.


Dr. Chapman has been applying his broad practical experience in organic and analytical chemistry for the past nineteen years to solve problems of industrial relevance. Most recently, Dr. Chapman was a Principal Research Officer with the National Research Council Canada (͞”NRC”) ACRD Research Centre where he was responsible for leading a national program and strategic projects focused on the development of Natural Health Products and functional ingredients with private sector companies which led to research on cannabinoid-based mixtures. For NRC, he also served on national advisory committees supporting the standardization needs for the emerging cannabis industry to ensure quality and safety of cannabis supply. Prior to the NRC, Dr. Chapman spent 6 years working as a Senior Scientist for bioscience start-up companies in San Francisco, California. Dr. Chapman is also the Vice-President of the NHP Research Society and the recording secretary for the processing and handling subcommittee for ASTM D37.04 standards group on cannabis. Dr. Chapman is an active member of the Canada’s bioscience community serving on several boards and advisory boards. He holds a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of British Columbia, has published widely, holds several patents, and has presented at numerous scientific symposia.