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The BioInnovation Challenge is an Atlantic Canadian business competition to recognize significant commercialization potential in Health and Life Sciences.

We understand that, more than ever, a strong and vibrant economy in our region requires continuous innovation and the creation of new Health and Life Sciences companies. Early stage companies evolve over time to become major employers in the community and encourage a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation – key ingredients for prosperity.

Our 2022 Semi-Finalists From Across Atlantic Canada

Aycoutay Technologies Inc.— NS
Marc St-Onge, Co-Founder; Alex Ludwig, COO
Aycoutay is the new measure for tracking your body’s wellbeing. Our next generation technology allows you to capture and analyze meaningful data about your health – digestive, neurological, cardiovascular, hormonal, mood, energy, and more.

Bêche Nutraceutical Company — NS 
Jules LeBlanc, Managing Partner; Julie Houde, Interim Sales Manager
Manufacturer of Natural & Non-Prescriptive Health Products using extracts and hydrolysates derived from Canadian east coast Sea Cucumber (sp. Cucumaria frondosa) distributed and exported in capsule form.

CanBliss Beverages Inc. — PEI 
Sarra Jayasinghe – CEO/ Founder
CannBliss produces non-alcoholic wines infused with Cannabis (THC & CBD) utilizing nano-emulsion technology. Our wine beverages provide the right amount of THC and CBD to offer a sensible and satisfying substitute for people seeking alcohol-free solutions.

Drinkable Water Solutions Inc. — NS 
Matthew Mizzi, CEO
Developed the world’s first effortless, affordable, and accurate drinking water test device for consumers – providing real-time contaminant analysis, health risk intel, and treatment guidance.

Hollo Medical Inc. — NS 
David Hodgson, CEO & Co-Founder; Sara Fedullo, Co-Founder & COO
Hollo reduces the burden of respiratory disease by transforming the cumbersome inhaler spacer into a device with optimal drug deposition that fits in a pocket.

Myomar Molecular Inc. — NS
Rafaela Andrade, CEO & Co-Founder
Muscle loss severely impacts quality of life and life expectancy. We are creating solutions to monitor, prevent and better treat muscle loss.  Our mandate is to provide personalized wellness and healthy aging.

Tunistrong Technologies Inc. — PEI 
Ian Lucas, President & CEO; Dr. Matthew Dunlop, Vice President & Chief Technology Officer
Tunistrong Technologies Inc. is creating value from a problematic invasive marine species called Tunicates by developing a nano material used to add strength in composite materials.

Virtual Hallway — NS 
Justin Hartlen, CEO; Jessica Morehouse, perations Manager; Ryley Urban, Operations Manager
Virtual Hallway’s platform gets patients rapid specialist level care by facilitating phone consultations between primary care providers and specialist physicians.


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Since its inception in 2011 the BioInnovation Challenge has provided

$500K+ in prize value to accelerate start-ups

80+ companies and research organizations from Atlantic Canada the opportunity to participate in the program, each receiving significant training to be positioned for business growth

What past participants of the BioInnovation Challenge are saying…

The BioInnovation Challenge (BIC) was created by BioNova, to help ease the transition from research laboratory to market. But BIC is more then just a competition; its a business accelerator program specifically designed for the Health and Life Sciences sector and also connects entrepreneurs to investors, the media and influential people in the industry.

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