Ten healthcare problems students can solve using technology and innovation

By July 10, 2018BICJr, News

What do successful entrepreneurs all have in common? They started by saying, “there has to be a better way.” Whether it be a new innovative product or a tweak to something that already exists, business is about offering solutions to problems. Through BioNova’s BIC Junior business pitch competition (Nov 7-8 at BioPort 2018), Nova Scotia high school and first year post-secondary students are given the opportunity to come up with a health and life science business idea. Below are ten healthcare problems students can solve using technology and innovation.

  1. Disabilities

It’s time to develop some new tools that can be used to improve the lives of people living with disabilities. This may assist with mobility, communication, or a multitude of other things that help improve the quality of life for people with disabilities.

  1. Health Care

We need sharp minds to find innovative ways to continue to modernize healthcare and improve efficiencies and patient outcomes. Perhaps the use of more digital apps to enable people to take an active role in their own care, medication safety, and recovery time or a technology that can take some of the strain off of caretakers and hospital staff.

  1. Hospitals

A safe, well-functioning hospital is the foundation of exceptional care. To create that environment, we need cutting edge technologies to make hospitals more effective in the future by improving healthcare delivery, wait times and access to care, and finding advanced ways to limit the rate of infections and spread of disease.

  1. Aging and Chronic Disease

With Atlantic Canada’s aging population on the rise, tools that enable better quality of care for seniors is in demand. Developing innovative ways to reduce dependence on nursing homes and promote independent living can reduce strain on the health care system and improve lives. Also providing tools for caretakers to improve the quality of the patients care

  1. Healthier Food

Taking preventative measures with our nutrition to avoid health problems down the road will prevent unnecessary strain on our healthcare system. What are some cutting-edge ways to improve nutritional values of every day foods and cut down on costs? Nutrition and health isn’t just a problem that applies to humans, there’s also a big industry for animals and pet health.

  1. Farming

Did you know that Nova Scotia has over 900,000 acres of farm land? What can we change in our farms to promote safer, healthier farming standards and improve nutrition? Farmers are always looking for cutting-edge ways to improve operations and market functional foods.

  1. Green Products

With an increased demand for greener products, people want to be more aware of what products they are using and how they impact the world around them. What products could be developed without chemicals to prevent people from getting sick?

  1. Population Health

How can we use big data analysis to tackle diseases? Perhaps there are ways to promote the use of natural products to improve global health and create preventative measures.

  1. Oceans

We need big ideas that will help us protect and get the most out of our oceans. These innovations could include new ways to effectively clean up oil spills, or perhaps new ways to use sea plants as sources of food or energy.

  1. Health and Fitness

What are new and innovative ways to empower people to be healthier? Perhaps an app that helps you to understand your genetics or DNA to improve fitness. No matter what it is, tools that make people healthy and fit are in high demand.

There are many yet-to-be discovered solutions to problems within the health and life sciences sector. Any students interested in applying for BioNova’s BIC Junior business pitch competition are encouraged to visit our webpage.