Top 5 reasons students should get involved in Health and Life Science

By June 19, 2018News

For students, many parts of the Health and Life Science sector can seem intimidating. Science has a different image in the classroom than what it truly is in the field. We’re hoping to change this by encouraging young people to get involved in the BIC Junior business pitch competition happening on November 7th, 2018. Below are 5 reasons students should get an early start in the Health and Life Science Sector.

  1. Raises awareness

Health and Life Science is a high-value sector that offers many career opportunities. Raising awareness among students, educators and the public about the value of the sector in Nova Scotia can change the way we think about what working in Life Science is all about.  We need show the high-quality jobs that are available, and the ways they can help move us towards a healthier and wealthier Nova Scotia.

  1. Builds confidence

How can a student feel confident about something they are not familiar with?  It makes sense that the more someone is exposed to something, such as the possibilities of a career in Health and Life Science, the less intimidating it will seem.  BIC Junior provides support and guidance from the right mentors to help students learn to build their skills as an entrepreneur and future CEO.  Building confidence in students allows them to realize their full potential and reach unimaginable goals.

  1. Puts young people in a rewarding sector

There’s a drive in young people that when given the right opportunities, they are empowered to change the world.  Young people in science means forward thinking.  The sector constantly needs fresh, sharp minds to enter this sector with a goal of improving the lives of Nova Scotians.  Innovations coming out of the Life Science sector are changing the future of healthcare as we know it and are impacting people’s lives for the better.

  1. Inspires careers

Opportunities such as BIC Junior give students the chance to experience real-life scenarios that come with being a Life-Science Entrepreneur. Programs such as these will be greatly influential in mapping out future careers.  Hands-on learning resonates with students and has the potential to inspire them to pursue higher education and work in complex sectors that are changing lives.  When we get more young people interested in careers in Health and Life Science, we are creating a stronger economy for the future.

  1. Cultivates the next generation of leaders

Life Science careers are so much more than what meets the eye.  They require creativity and clever thinking.  They require you to look at the world around you and see problems that could be fixed.  Critical thinking is what we need to make our economy and healthcare better than ever.  These are the qualities we want in our future leaders.  Shaping the next generation of leaders towards Life Science moves our economy and healthcare forward.